Google Moon
With fake cartoons of a LEM
and Cover Up Patches provided by NASA
showing absolutely nothing on the Apollo sites!

Fakery Reality

Why would a special lighter Cover Up Patch be necessary
if Apollo 11 really landed here.  Obviously it is fake
and has NASA written on it, possibly so that
Google would not be held responsible.

This is probably what is below the special light
Cover Up Patch - nothing.  Apollo 11 never landed
on the Moon, so there are no traces of it.

By default, the Apollo cartoons are turned on.

When turned off, we find no justification for the cartoons.

Cartoons on

Cartoons off

Cartoon with sky of stars the astronauts should have seen.

Why no stars in the "Apollo landing" photos?

BBC reports LROC's "proof" of the landing
Why would the Lunar Rover be parked so far from the LEM
that the Astronauts would have had to return to Earth in?
Is it for the less expensive distant airport parking?   :)

Why isn't LROC's photos included in Googlel Moon?

But lines are not seen on Google Moon's photo of the Apollo 16 site.
(Left = North) The LEM is not near a crater, and tracks do not match.
Without the cartoons, the area looks pitiful, with no sign of landing.

We can see cars with Google Earth.
Why not a LEM with Google Moon?

NASA Headquarters in Washington DC

Satellite View of NASA HQ in Washington DC

Cars are visible - about the size of a LEM

Here are the graphics that Google Moon shows for the Apollo 17 mission

But when you turn the graphics off, there is NOTHING that justifies the above graphics.

Surveyor 3 visible but not Apollo 12 LEM

Google Earth has cartoon graphics for the LEM and Surveyor 3
However there is no justification for these graphics.
Surveyor 3 is visible more the larger LEM which is totally invisible




Alan Bean sells autographed photos for $239.  The photo on the right says it is Pete Conrad.
How did he detach the camera which was fastened strong enough to withstand a landing
so it could be brought back to Earth, studied, and put in the Smithsonian Museum?
Where are any tool such as cable cutters, wrench or screw driver?
Why no photos of the Surveyor after the camera was removed?
Why does the LEM appear to be next to a fake black stage background?

There is no justification for the graphics on Google Moon.

At least Google Moon shows stars which none of the Apollo photos do.

Earth satellites over 12 times higher have better resolution than Moon satellites?

GeoEye satellite shows Rome from 641 km or 400 miles with enough resolution to see cars and people

Half-Meter Per Pixel Resolution:
LROC of Apollo from 50 km (31 miles, left) and GeoEye of parking lot cars from 641 km (400 mi, right)
Why would resolution from 400 miles on Earth, through atmosphere, be better than LRO's through vacuum?

If you want to see credible Apollo landing sites, use Google Earth!

Flagstaff Arizona's Sea of Tranquility,-111.5176442,28330m

Even if Apollo really Flagstaff Arizona in 1969-72, lets put a US flag staff on the Moon by 2020!

Comparison of film with Google.

This supposedly "proves" the landing took place.
But the Google section is a special patch put onto Google
so of course they are going to match the special patch.

Quick Test that you can do

1. Go to Google Earth.
2. Switch to Moon
3. Zoom to any of the landings
4. Turn off the Apollo graphics
5. Move somewhere nearby at random
6. Then try to find the LEM again.

Nvidia Tegra 3 chip Google Lunar X-Prize Challange