Dr. David Groves

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David Groves works for Quantech Image Processing. He examined the photo of Aldrin emerging from the lander and said he can pinpoint when a spotlight was used. Using the focal length of the camera's lens and an actual boot, he allegedly calculated, using ray-tracing, that the spotlight is between 24 to 36 centimetres (9.4 to 14.2 in) to the right of the camera.[26] This matches with the sunlit part of Armstrong's spacesuit.[27]

Quantec Image Processing (former company)
Holden House Holden Road
Leigh Lancashire WN7 1EX
Tel: +44 01942 260063
Liverpool University   
PhD - BSc (Hons) Class I/Applied Physics.
PhD in Holographic Computer Measurement.
Chartered Physicist and a Member of the Insitute of Physics.

Source Notes

A holographic technique with computer aided analysis for the measurement of wear

D Groves, M J Lalor, J T Atkinson and N Cohen


Directorate of Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy
The School of Health Sciences
Thompson Yates Building
The Quadrangle
Brownlow Hill
L69 3GB 
United Kingdom
+44 (0)151 794 5799/5795
Possibly he has gotten into medical imaging?

Not Him

Info Why not him

No PhD mentioned, although Royal Liverpool, computing in math, and medical physics
Close but no cigar.

http://apollohoax.proboards.com/thread/1055 Searching for Dr. Groves - but not finding.  Board registration is closed
David G. Groves    groves@rand.org
Working for Rand Corporation
author. Tel.: +1 510 868 1819; fax: +
Ph.D. in policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; M.S. in atmospheric sciences, University of Washington; M.S. in earth systems, Stanford University; B.S. in geological and environmental sciences, Stanford University
No PhD
Number is in Oakland, California area code 510
dggrove@charter.net singular, not plural

Notes from ApolloHoax ProBoard:

Firstly, Quantec. This company is/was registered at Companies House. It was closed down on 14th Nov 2000. I have what records there are (3 documents, which I could upload - is there a space here somewhere.) There were 2 directors, Groves being one. Groves listed his profession as "computer programmer". There are a number of addresses listed for the company : Leigh, Warrington and Skelmesdale - the last two being the towns where the two directors lived.

There is so little information around, that I feel fairly sure that Groves is a researcher, at a university, that he found a business application for something he was working on, and started a small company to cover this extra curricular work. 

As to his whereabouts now... I have found some stuff around. 

Some good starting points are the National Refractory Angina Centre, the Cardiothoracic Centre, both in Liverpool, and Liverpool University.

Some links ....



Sure, David Groves must be a fairly common name (in particular, the e-mail address is for a Mr David Groves, not Dr.).
However, at the end of the pdf document I linked, there is an acknowledgement to David Groves, the Cardiothoracic Centre, and the Quantec Scanner. The other leads came from a bit of research into that institution.

It doesn't mean that Groves is a medical doctor, but rather that he works in Medical Imagery.

 still think that the link below could be a trace of this elusive person. The subject of the paper is consistent with Groves' claim for developing holographic techniques to analyze photographs and it's from Liverpool Polytechnic. However I'm reluctant to pay the 30 bucks to buy the article


 have made some more inquires about Quantec and the David Groves in the film.

Quantec Image Processing Ltd went into liquidation in 1999 and ceased to trade in 2000.

The directors were:-

Paul Curran ( I have his address in Wigan)
DOB 19/08/47 (60 Years old)

Dr David Groves . Who also doubled as the company secretary 
DOB 17/09/54 (53 years old)

Both are listed as computer programmers. 

They issued 150 shares, worth a total of 1000

I have a copy of there 363 return the UK Companies house.