Dr. Martin Hendry
Covers 10 questions about the Apollo Moon landings
However not the most convincing points

Dr. Martin Hendry defends the landing

Did we really land on the Moon?


Science Week Lecture Series

Points 1 to 10

1 waving flag? 
2 no stars? 
3 shadows aren't parallel 
4. film played fast looks like on Earth

2. No stars

5 Lens crosshairs behind things?
6. lit in the shade?
7. Dust problems
8. Radiation

9. Identical backgrounds

10. no jets from Ascent Module


www.ScienceWeek.ie  - As part of the Science Week lecture series 2010 physics and astronomy lecturer Dr Martin Hendry looks at the science behind "Moon hoax" claims. More than 40 years after Apollo 11 there are many conspiracy theories that Neil Armstrong's famous "One small step" was an elaborate hoax. Dr Hendry's talk uses real Apollo video footage and a series of simple demonstrations to check these claims.