Benefits to America from a Moon Base

The time to do it is now
Now, while no other country wants the Moon or even thinks about it much.
There would probably be no argument.  Let them laugh now at the idea.
In 100 years, when there are cities on the Moon, no one will be laughing.

Do it now
while we can still print Dollars to pay for NASA and colonization.
Do it now, before other countries can even get to the Moon.

Will the first Moon Base be American or Russian?

America's government has overspent so much money, it is a matter of national security.
China could take over much of America without firing a shot, just by calling in our loans.

We're in debt, with nothing we can easily sell, such as:
off shore oil rights
gold reserves
 National Park lands
National Gallery art
military bases
weaponry or...
Oh yes we can!  We forgot! 
We have the Moon!

The Moon belongs to whoever can get there.
First come, first served.

America is not bankrupt - if we have the Moon as collateral

America's debt is over $17.4 Trillion
America is the only country now capable of owning the Moon.

For our debt that is out of this world
we need collateral that is out of this world.

Secure the Moon.  Secure the Dollar.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
The Moon is probably worth at least $17.4 Trillion
or will be eventually, and will save us from bankruptcy.


We need a Full Moon - Full of American Pioneer Settlers

Donald Trump knows the value of prime real estate and Earth view property.

Instead of going to war to take over land from other countries
such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc. causing human sufferieng,
America should take lands which have no established owner yet
and where no one will get killed or hurt in any way.
Mankind will finally be protected from possible extinction from an asteroid

Financial Advantage of a Moon Base

17,400,000 square miles of new world real estate
bigger in land size than the entire North American continent.
Renting or selling lunar land to other countries for $1m per square mile
to help pay off $17.4 trillion dollars of our national debt

$1,000,000 per square mile of lunar land
= $1562 per acre, for sale or lease

There is an expression "He promised her the Moon."
But whose is it to give?  How much is it worth?

America astronauts gave their lives, and American taxpayers paid billions, as we are the only country that has gone to the moon, and did so 6 times.  America deserves to own the Moon, if we get back there soon enough and start staking our claim and building bases before anyone else does.

If the Chinese or Russians got to the Moon first,
would they care about America's land rights?  No.
Will they say "Let's reserve some some land for the USA?"
Would they hesitate to claim the Moon for their dictatorships?

Won't other countries like China be angry at America?
They would be even more angry if we did not pay back our loans!

How do Property Rights begin?

The land we are standing on now once belonged to no one,
not even the American Natives. 
They had no concept of property rights or land ownership.
The tribes moved from place to place to follow the food sources. 
A different tribe may come to live on the same land, years in the future.
Land only started to be owned when the European explorers came.
At some time, a strong government claimed it.
Same with the Moon.

Throughout history, new lands have always gone to those who get there first, claim, and defend them.  After 1492, France and Spain conquered much of the "new world" in North America, simply declaring the lands as theirs, through their strong military, forcing out the natives without paying them a single franc or peseta.  America peacefully bought the Lousiana Purchase for $15 million from France in 1803.  The USA bought California from Mexico (which became independent from Spain in 1810) in 1848 for about $18 million.  The new world of the Moon follows the same principles of claim, ownership, and sale.  We would not be taking land from any natives or doing harm to anyone.

There are some web site out there selling property on the moon as a joke.
But this is serious, backed by a strong government and military

The International Moon and Star Registry
Occupy the Moon

What's our next step?

Develop the Moon with American bases and ownership

Better for Boeing, G.E., Northrop Grumman Lockheed Martin and Raytheon
to make Command and Lunar Modules than killer drones and weapons.

Forget the wars and the Arms Race.
The Space Race is back on!
for economic reasons