American Moon Association
Satellite Office
490 M Street, SW
Washington DC  20024
202-449-9500 Fax

Board of Directors

Dr. James Fetzer PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, author of many books and articles, has interviewed over 800 guests on

Jarrah White Student, researcher, and creator of over 100 videos at

Bart Sibrel Creator of many videos including A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon

Rick Shaddock NASA programmer for Procurement Tracking System for 3 years, lobbyist, web site founder

Moon walking distance to NASA Headquarters on 300 E Street, SW, Washington DC 20546  202-358-0000

NASAHeadquarters.jpg (3838 bytes) 
Walking distance from NASA Headquarters and the U.S. Capitol

 GoddardFlags.jpg (73675 bytes)  GoddardGuard.jpg (83200 bytes) 
and near the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland

Lunar lobbyist.  It does not take Sherlock Holmes to see the Moon landings were faked.

Project for a New American Moon (PNAM)
Neo Conservative Think Tank

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American Gothic - Pioneer Spirit

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