China National Space Agency

Change is coming - with Chang'e
Chang'e and rovers with cameras are coming step by step to the Apollo sites.
The fraud may soon be exposed by the Chinese.

Chang'e landed on December 14, 2013 - the 41st anniversary
of the last fake landing by the USA in Dec. 14, 1972

This is not a coincidence - but a carefully planned message to NASA.
The name "Chang'e" is not a coincidence. 
The message: Change or be exposed.
China did not land near an alleged Apollo site - yet - but could..
The Chinese are gracefully giving us time to do the honorable thing.
Come clean, confess, and tell the truth.

China is not our enemy - as much as some US officials try to make them so.
This is not a time to criticize the Chinese for kicking up dust on the Moon.

This is not a time to build up a military presence around China.
China has the ability to expose the USA in the biggest fraud in history.
If they were our enemy, they would have exposed the fraud long ago.



Yutu rover emblazoned with Chinese Flag as seen by the Chang'e 3 lander on the moon on Dec. 15, 2013.  Credit: China Space
Sorry NASA, you got the color wrong.  Moon dirt is brown, not grey.

Why didn't 6 Apollo missions ever turn their camera upwards to photograph the stars?
(It is too hard to fool astronomers.)

China turned their camera up, and it shows them just fine.




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Will it be a China Moon?

Hikaru Sulu
Helmsman and Captain
In the future will a Chinese Captain Sulu be giving orders to American James T. Kirk and Russian Chekov?