Laser Light Retro Reflector

"Proof" of the landing is said to be the Lunar Laser Retroreflectror, but...

Laser is reflected by the Moon anyway.  Everyone knows about how well Sun light is reflected by the Moon.  Duh.

Dr. Caroll O. Alley (U Md) demonstrates a laser reflector returns laser in parallel path back to the source. 

Laser light diverges about 1/3 inch per mile.  After 280000 miles (400000 km), it disperses about 1.6 miles (2.6 km), 1.28 sec. each way.

Russians have a reflector on a rover.  There is no way to distinguish its reflector from Apollo's

National Geographic
December 1966 article
"The Laser's Bright Magic"

Scientists were bouncing laser beams off the Moon in 1962, 7 years before the alleged landing

The Moon reflects light from the Sun anyway. 
It is a sphere, so the middle point will naturally bounce back to the laser source

Beam "a" from Earth hits at an angle and bounces off
Beam "b" hits the center and bounces back to source
Beam c from a different location bounces off at an angle

Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package
None of the experiments have been providing data since 1977
except the suspect Laser Retroreflector (see above)

I am hopeful that one of the experiments in the ALSEP package will provide proof of landing, and am researching them now.  But some went ASLEeP within a few weeks. Wikipedia says "they were turned off on 30 September 1977, during President Jimmy Carter's administration, due primarily to budgetary considerations." (But the government had enough money to waste on other stuff.)