More Mothers on the Moon

A public safety message from the American Moon Association

Space Race and Moon Base will save the Human Race.
All our eggs have been in one basket - on Mother Earth

www.AmericanMoon.Org   #MotherMoon

We need more women on the Moon
for invincibility of the human species and DNA
Project Moon Base (1953)
First Man and Woman on Moon Base Alpha

Join the Space Race
not the Arms Race
for the Human Race
with all Races safe
with DNA on the Moon

Please sign our Petition to President Trump

Miss Moon

NASA Astronettes compete in the Miss Universe pageant on Earth sponsored by the Trump Organization.

Benefits for Mothers on the Moon

Travel, Adventure, Fame
Modern fashions
Lose weight  - about 5/6th
Help the Human Race
Equal Pay

Military hiring and spending more than ever

NASA cutting costs and making layoffs

What we are funding

What we should be funding

Billions to the NSA
to listen to phone calls
99% of traffic   cannot be analyzed

Move the billions to NASA
for space exploration
99% of space is not even surveyed yet

American base in Afghanistan

American base on the Moon

U.S.S. Enterprise
and obsolete aircraft carriers
Fighting who - Al Queda's battleships and jets?
Huge targets easily sunk by China missiles.  Antagonistic.
Useless, expensive posturing missions around the planet.

Star Ship Enterprise
and space craft of the future
to bring invincibility to America and
the human race in case something happens to Earth
Useful missions to other planets

More Moon less Military

Mothers reach for the Moon then the Stars

American Moon Association
1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC  20006
Make America First on the Moon Again

For Fun

"To the Moon Alice!" - from the Honey Mooners