Neil Armstrong - first man on the Moon.  y y y y
Space suit wrinkled but should
balloon.  y y y y
Monopoly money, Fed's billions in cash.  y y y y
Pentagon contractors took the stash.  y y y y

Nixon trickster: "Let's not risk.  no no no no
Astronauts in heaven. Cosmic rays
toxic."  wo wo wo wo

NASA did you think you could fool us?
Tell me, were you ordered to fake.
Armstrong were you goofing on stage with
Bob Hope
Were you losing face?

If you believe a flag can wave on the moon
Flag on the moon
If we believe there's nothing up their sleeve
Then we were all fools

Moon men walk and jump only 1 foot.  y y y y
Alan knew Beans 'bout Van Allen Belts.  y y y y
Newton's laws troubled by the horrible act.  y y y y
News reporters had no guts to ask.  y y y y

Nixon did you psych out the Russians?
Tell me, were you losing the race?
NASA were you spoofing on Soviet Union? 
To beat them in space?

If you believe they're on their way to the Moon
A paper Moon
Then you can see when the lights went on.
They orbit the Earth

Here's a little toast for the never-believers.  y y y y
Here's how toasted astronauts were avoided.  y y y y
Remote control
truck instead of manned lander.  y y y y
Brought rock back to Earth as they orbited.  y y y y

Neil why won't you swear on the Bible?
Tell me, were you ordered to cheat?
Armstrong were you tired of lying, and maybe
Did this break your heart?

"How do I access the app store?"If you believe they put a man on the moon
If you believe that they could go there then
But can't go there now.

If you believe they put a man on a stage
That looks like the Moon.
If you believe no stars on a black sky
Then you are a loon

If you can see, shadows are not parallel
In many films
If you believe NASA
lost those films
Then nothing is real.