Steps to getting the Moon
on America's balance sheet
and real estate portfolio:

1. Petition Congress and the President to fully fund NASA with budget to "return to" or really to to the Moon. 

2. Finish colonization, establishing American property rights and eminent domain on the Moon, with Base Armstrong as the state capital, so we have a reasonable claim.

3. Establish an invincible Moon defense shield along with the military.  If any of the United Nations protest, say we must stabilize the Moon against Al Queda or a dictator with WMDs.  ;)

4. Lease or sell lunar land, mineral rights, futures and options to other countries, development corporations, or private investors.   Set up mining and solar power stations.

5. Pay off $17.4 trillion of the National Debt.  For example, 1/17 of the Moon could be sold to China to resolve America's $1 trillion debt to them.

6. Stabilize the U.S. Dollar as the Solar System's reserve currency, backed by tangible real estate on the Moon.

7. The Moon will appreciate in real estate value as it is developed as the necessary stepping stone to Mars and the stars.

The time to do it is now
Now, while no other country wants the Moon or even thinks about it much.
There would probably be no argument.  Let them laugh now at the idea.
In 100 years, when there are cities on the Moon, no one will be laughing.